7 Oct 2008

Workshop October 13-14

For the workshop on October 13-14 the plan is to accomplish the following:

Monday- Review of Summer Assignment (ANALYZE THE COMPETITORS); presentation on “problematics of urban system”

Tuesday - Seminar on “Apocalyptic” Urbanism; Review of Summer Assignment (REDESCRIBE THE BRIEF); Announcement of Autumn Design Assignment I

I was hoping to use the whole day (or whatever is possible, let me know the typical schedule as far as start times / end times).

For the seminar I have sent to Timea a series of texts (listed below) to be distributed. I would ask that you each read these texts and make a brief writing of your own about the connections between the texts (a page or two is enough).

McMorrough, John. “After Words…Before Worlds: The Propositions of Urbanity” in Constellations: Constructing Urban Design Practices (New York: Columbia University GSAPP, 2007)

Diamond, Jared. “Why do Societies Make Disastrous Decisions?” from Collapse: How Societies Chose to Fail of Succeed (New York: Penguin Group, 2005): 419-440.

Klein, Naomi. The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (New York: Metropolitan Books, 2007): 3-21.

Kunstler, James Howard. “Living in the Long emergency” from The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century (New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 2005):235-307.

McMorrough, John. “The Future of Fuelish Building” (Book Review: Fire and Memory, The Long Emergency, & Massive Change) VOLUME 7 (Archis vol. 21, #1, 2006): PAGES.

For the review of work it would be really great to see the work up on the wall rather than in power point…would that be possible? If so that is much preferred. As far as the assignments themselves, these should be completed by this point (as to the quantity as described in the assignment text on the blog). We will come back to the “TRACE THE TROPES” assignment at a later point.

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