31 Jan 2009

MelunSénart essential

_the official website of the ville nouvelle Sénart
and the main development projects ahead

_interactive statistical map of grand-paris

_online landscape atlas of Seine-et-Marne department, with a chapter on the plateau of Melun-Sénart
_the network of public transport radiating out from the centre of Paris

thats a brief summary of the links that served us for the site-analysis, if there is anything more to add, let me know...

18 Nov 2008

Whittier Competition Columbus, Ohio

Imaginary Rail Maps Of Columbus
Whittier brewery district would be situated in a dense connectivity area.
The competition area is very good connected with Downtown, Ohio State, airports etc.


Main Components:
1. River
2. Railtracks

Vertical grid affected by traintracks and river.

Horizontal grid affected by the Scioto river.

Interaction through the flow of water, trains and impact of two introduced stations


Forest and the dissolved water boarders/beaches.

Train Station, Structure